About 65 Roses

The 65 Roses story dates back to 1965 when a young boy pronounced cystic fibrosis as “65 Roses”. Since then, 65 Roses has been synonomous with our cause and the rose has been adopted as the national symbol for Cystic Fibrosis and our annual 65 Roses Gala Ball.

This year, Brisbane City Hall and King George Square are set to thrive to the beat and mystique as we enjoy pre-ball drinks under the stars, entertained by traditional South American street dancers and circus performers before entering Brisbane’s iconic city hall. Once inside you will be transported to an Afro-Cuban night club for the formal masquerade ball.

The 65 Roses Gala Ball is not only the chance to experience something unique in Brisbane it is also an opportunity to support our cause. All proceeds from the festivities will be directed to Cystic Fibrosis Queensland (CFQ) to help support Queenslanders living with this incurable disease.

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common, life-shortening, genetic condition affecting young people in Australia. CF a degenerative condition that affects the lungs and digestive system. The average life span is less than 38 years and there is no cure. CF is an inherited condition and one in 25 people are carriers of the CF gene. Carriers of the gene do not have any symptoms of the condition.

Adults and children living with cystic fibrosis will spend up to two hours in physiotherapy each day clearing the mucus and infection from their lungs. Not only to breathe but to support overall health and wellbeing.  A portable nebuliser is light and compact and reduces the respiratory treatment for someone with CF from two hours to 20 minutes per day.

CFQ is on a mission to provide all of our members with a subsidy to go towards purchasing their own personal nebuliser by 2020.

$50,000 Diamond Ring

Catch a $50,000 Diamond | Closed Raffle

Buy one of only 300 keys for your chance to unlock the vault to ‘Rachel’s Ring’, an exquisite 2.6 carat clarity diamond surrounded by 27 fine green emeralds and clarity diamonds, valued over $50,000. Click to purchase your ‘key’ ticket now and reclaim your physical key at the registration desk on the night of the Ball. 

Buy Tickets, Tables and Sponsorship

Entertainment, drinks and a 3 course meal package.

Entertainment, drinks and a 3 course meal package for 10.

Includes entertainment, drinks and 3 course meals.

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This year in addition to our Silent and Live Auctions we are excited to announce, due to the generous donation from one of our patrons, we will be raffling an antique straw diamond and emerald ring worth over $50,000.

Auction + Prizes

This year in addition to our Silent and Live Auctions we are excited to announce, due to the generous donation from one of our patrons, we will be raffling an antique straw diamond and emerald ring worth over $50,000.  Tickets will be available to the public, but the winning ticket can only be claimed at the ball.

Rose Trumpet Individual 2


65 Roses Art Prize entries from High School Students throughout Queensland were painted with the purpose of being auctioned to raise money for our cause. Do not miss the opportunity to own one of these paintings created with passion and from the heart.

City Hall Individual


Due to the amazing entertainment, wine and dining package that your ticket will cover, we will be limiting our live auction to and exclusive offering of amazing once in a lifetime experiences for you to bid and help us reach our fundraising target.

Mask Individual 2


Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the ball! Our silent auction is open to the public. Anyone can place a bid and purchase to help raise funds for our cause. This is a great way to  either buy into an experience or to find a special item to treasure and call your own.

If you have an auction item that you would like to contribute for the 2017 ball, kindly contact the CFQLD office on (07) 3359 8000 or via email  events@cfqld.org.au

Event Schedule
Dine Dance and Donate
Enjoy a welcome drink and enjoy our high energy and brighty coloured entertainment in the Brisbane City Hall Forecourt.
Enjoy your Entree while hearing from members of our CFQ Community through our Positive Profiles Presentation.
Keep your bidding hand free with our annual CFQ Gala Ball Auction.
Results of our amazing raffle and silent auction items will be drawn. Continue to dance the night away with our dazzling entertainment provided by Rio Rythmics.
Brisbane City Hall
Take a 3D tour to discover the iconic Brisbane City Hall
Our Charity Partners

Producing an event like a charity gala ball is only possible with the generosity and support of amazing businesses that have donated thousands of dollars through their services, networks and resources in-kind, to create this amazing event and raise funds for our cause.

A special thank you is extended to the communities behind Rio Rhythmics and Flipside Circus, event brand designer and illustrator; Jimmy Patch. To JMC for producing heart felt and honest films about our CF community. To 4BC and BMag for the publicity and to the Brisbane City Council – your grant made it possible for CFQ to use the iconic Brisbane City Hall and King George Square as our venue.

Together we will take the success of previous CFQ balls to even greater heights.

With a carnival masquerade evening full of laughter, music and dancing, the 65 Roses Gala Ball will take our guests breath away. The 65 Roses Gala Ball  will be an experience you will never forget!

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Feel good about supporting a worthy cause as you enjoy unforgettable events.
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